The time to begin saving for your future is now! Brazos National Bank provides a suite of Personal Savings Products to help you reach your goals, whether you are 18 or 80. We offer flexible savings plans at the bank the community has placed its trust in for 30 years. Link your savings account to a Personal Checking Account online or with a MasterCard Debit Card to make managing your money simple and secure. Safe, flexible and accessible, saving has never been so easy.

Certificates of Deposit

Maximize the earning power of your savings with our competitively priced Certificates of Deposit. Available in terms from 3 months to 2 years, FDIC* insured Certificates of Deposit generally provide higher rates of return over a fixed period. Give your savings program a boost with a Brazos National Bank Certificate of Deposit.
*Each depositor insured up to $250,000. See FDIC rules for details.

Money Market Savings Accounts

A Money Market Savings Account with Brazos National Bank provides the convenience of limited monthly access* with a variable rate interest feature. With minimum balance requirements as low as $1500 and FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per depositor, a Money Market Savings Account can be a valuable part of your savings program.
*Federal regulations limit pre-authorized withdrawals to (6) per statement cycle for Money Market Savings Accounts.

Individual Retirement Accounts

With a Brazos National Bank individual Retirement Account, the path to a comfortable retirement is clear.
We offer a full collection of Individual Retirement Accounts from traditional to Roth IRAs.

Traditional IRAs:

  • Your money grows on a tax-deferred basis
  • You can withdraw your money, without penalty at age 70 1/2

Roth IRAs:

  • Money in a Roth IRA grows tax-free, which is generally better than tax deferred
  • Flexibility to withdraw some of your money before age 70 1/2

Roll-over IRAs:

  • If you’ve changed jobs and have money in a company sponsored 401(k) plan, you have a limited time to move the money or you could owe the government taxes on your contributions and matching funds. Contact us, we will make moving your retirement savings into an IRA effortless.

IRA accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

Uniform Gift to Minor Accounts

A UGMA Account is a great way to introduce a child or grandchild to the importance of saving. Put money aside for a loved one’s future while protecting their savings from the impulses of youth. Money is held by a designated custodian for the benefit of a minor. The account remains the property of the minor but under the control of a custodian.