Community banks and community business have long formed a partnership that made America what it is. Small business employs over half of the total employees in the US today and 64% of the new job growth over the past 15 years has come from the small business sector. It seems natural that small businesses should look to local community banks to finance growth and development. Only a local community bank is as invested in the community as the small businesses it serves. Brazos National Bank is proud of its legacy of supporting small business in Brazoria County for 30 years.

Experience the Brazos National Bank difference:

  • Decisions made locally by individuals who live and work in the community
  • Response times in days, not weeks
  • Flexible, innovative solutions tailored to Main Street, not Wall Street
  • Low transaction cost

Brazos National Bank can assist you with your business’ financing needs for:

  • Inventory or equipment purchase
  • Receivables finance
  • Construction or facilities expansion
  • Acquisition or growth

Brazos National Bank and Small Business, together we keep our community strong.